I have done Mechanical Engineering from L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, in 1988. After doing apprentice ship at Ingersoll Rand for 15 months, I joined Navdeep Polymers, and was involved in marketing of Engineering Plastic for three & a half years. Then I started my own business in engineering field.

Simultaneously I started the business of signages in partnership in 1996. We were pioneer in bringing digital thermal printing in signage industry in our state.

Painting had been my hobby since childhood. I use oil & dry pastel, water colour, oil to paint abstract forms and themes on paper, canvass, board etc. For reality, I rely on camera.

My venture in to cyber art or digital art started in 1996. Playing with the computer, I found the tools and effects available in it amazing. It gave unlimited scope to soar high in to the world of imagination with very high speed. With technical background and inclination for art, I enjoy working from creation to execution in the field of painting, graphics, signage, exhibition stall & panels.